your blueprint for interior design

At PLAN + ELEVATE, we have created a series of video lessons to teach you how to do interior design for your own home. This unique course is organized in a step-by-step format and focused on the essentials of home décor. We also offer an additional design consultation service via video to answer your individual design questions, available in half-hour sessions.

expert design instruction inspired by real life

The world of interior design can be overwhelming, especially for 'regular' people on a budget who are not experts in interior design, have a hard time visualizing their ideal finished rooms, and do not have the luxury or the desire to hire a designer. It can be difficult to know where to start and how to sort through all of the information out there! Our goal is to streamline the learning process and help you learn how to create a well-appointed home you love.

course content

Chapters include in-depth lessons about: finding design inspiration, determining color palettes, proper sampling of paint colors, choosing materials, creating furniture layouts, proper measuring, maintaining a project worksheet, how to use balance & proportion, determining what furnishings to buy (furniture, rugs, window treatments, lighting, mirrors) how to shop for and place art and accessories effectively, how to add your own personality, editing and organizing, simple facelifts for kitchens and bathrooms, guidelines for renovations, and shopping.

our design series includes


  • 50 video lessons (with more on the way) ranging from 2 minutes to 19 minutes

  • dozens of downloadable materials, including example furniture layout drawings, graphics, color palettes, project worksheets, checklists, a vendor resource list, and helpful links

  • an option to purchase a personal 30-minute video consultation